Jan 2020 – Folding fun! Music 🎶 fun!

In our session last weekend, we’ve…

  1. Folded the Fox, Horse, Jumping Frog, Boat and Koala together with instructions
  2. Learnt to play Guiro, Tambourine, Shaker and Boomwhacker with music
  3. Explored different animal sounds
  4. Made creative composition together on “The (animal) on the boat…” with the music of “The wheel on the bus”
  5. Raised awareness of protecting the environment
We had fun together folding origami!!
We have made frog families together and fold various animal origami –
Just look at these cool fox decorations!!
We also have jumping frog competition! And the winner goes to…
We have had fun with these musical instruments after snack break.
View from behind the wind chime
Wonderful artwork from the Rowans Centre

Can’t wait to see you all again in our next session in February!!

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