Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!!

中秋節快樂!! 🐰
Building Joy wishes everyone a Happy Mid-Autumn Festival and has a lovely reunion time with family!! 😇

🧐You may wonder what this Chinese phrase above means, here is the literal translation:
“中” means Middle; “秋” means Autumn; “節” means Festival; “快樂” means Happy!
The whole phrase, therefore, means “Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!” 🙂

“Mid-Autumn Festival” is also known as the “Moon Festival” as it is a festival related to the full moon 🌝 and mooncake🥮. Both the “full moon” and “moon cake” are in circles. In China, “round” 🔴 symbolises complete and together. Watch the YouTube video 🎞 below to learn more about the festival!! 👇

📣 In the coming year, Building Joy will be sharing different world cultures, in addition to sharing the LEGO fun and teaching some Chinese language. Follow us to Explore and Travel the World 🌏 with us!! 🤗

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#Midautumn #mooncake #literacyskills 


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